Some Bright Elegance

Image of Some Bright Elegance


“Some Bright Elegance captures those moments of transformation when people, places or objects take on new significances. In the book this is explored in relation to bereavement, the transcendental qualities of music and the search for spiritual understanding and connection.”


“More than a title, Some Bright Elegance is a statement of intent, a promise that Chingonyi delivers on.”

– Jacob Sam-La Rose

“This is the work of a strong and passionate new voice in UK poetry, made even stronger by the contrast with the ‘bright elegance’ of the style.”

– Dr. Nathalie Teitler

“Chingonyi’s poems have a permanence about them that belies their dark fragility. Some of them even approach that supposed impossibility: an investigation into the nature (spiritual and physical) of things. Chingonyi’s opening salvo reminds us that to be fully human is in itself an act of being fully observant.”

– Roger Robinson

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